Audience-Focused Video Production

Over two decades of experience in full-service video production from concept and writing through still and motion imagery.


Interviews, events, storytelling, and promotional.

The professionals at Gallantry Media Group are well equipped to tell your story. Work with our writers and producers to craft a narrative, target audience and define goals. Expect a product that creates a lasting impression and delivers results.


Professional, 4K ready post-production in-house.

The production is only part 1 – Gallantry boasts state-of-the-art post-production equipment and seasoned editors. The latest editing platforms, 4k+ ready GPU’s, file organization, and timeline management make our process fast, precise, and punctual.

Recent Work

Comfort Amidst The Production Set

We take our work very seriously – but we also really enjoy it. In that spirit, we believe the production environment should be a professional, yet fun, relaxed place.

Interviews and scripted productions can feel stressful and intense. The professionals at Gallantry have been on both sides of the camera and take actor comfort seriously – the end result depends on it.

Our process has been fine-tuned to create a warm and relaxed environment, allowing actors and those being interviewed to deliver the most important part of a production; sincerity.

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Creating a captivating video may seem straightforward, but a lot of work goes into planning, execution, and editing. The Gallantry team has been on hundreds of sets and has created a process that delivers, time and time again.

Whether you’re looking for a promotional video, awareness video, or a documentary style short, our process will take your vision from conception to publication – and you’ll really enjoy being a part of it all.


Pre Production




Post Production

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