The Front Porch: Entertainment = New Customers

The Front Porch: Entertainment = New Customers

Chris, owner of The Front Porch, needed to boost sales. Her boutique gifts and accessories store on Main Street in Pennington – a small town in central NJ – was fighting against huge online retailers and losing customers fast. She reached out to Gallantry to create something that would reengage her customer base and get new customers in the door.

She new video was important, and did a great job of posting regularly on social media, but the videos weren’t getting enough traction. The average video was getting less than 1,000 views – and most of them were coming from loyal customers.

front porch videography pennington nj
Tyler setting up a shot in the filming of ‘George Saves Christmas’

Over the next three months, the front porch would release 3 videos that were written, produced, and directed by Gallantry. Chris wanted to be creative, so Gallantry worked with The Front Porch to create truly entertaining videos that would break out of the circle of loyal customers and create new customers.

front porch video production audio
Nish running live audio during the filming of ‘George Saves Christmas’

The three videos, centered around holidays, received over 22k views in a 3-month span, and brought in a staggering amount of new business. The Front Porch now works with Gallantry every quarter to create a new, creative and entertaining video to continue to grow their business and compete with the online market. Take a look at their short, fun videos below!