Darlington Designs: Building Trust through Video

Darlington Designs: Building Trust through Video

Simon Darlington, of Darlington Designs, wanted to showcase his company’s work. Pictures just weren’t cutting it. He knew that video would show potential customers what they wanted to see; the process, communication, and end result of a big landscape design & build project.

Tyler, the head producer at Gallantry, knew just where to start. With a big project just around the corner, the opportunity to showcase the entire process, talk with the client before and after, and display the final product was all too appealing to pass up.

drone videography darlington designs
Drone video was taken throughout the process to capture the buildout from the best possible angle.

Over the next three months, Simon worked with Gallantry to schedule, shoot, and interview. The end result (both the video and the project itself) was exactly what everyone had in mind.

The video was placed on the Darlington Designs website, as well as social media accounts. A second video describing the company, their values, and process, was filmed at the same time and also placed online. The two films have been viewed nearly 10,000x with dozens of shares, comments and individually drove over 300 new prospects to darlington-designs.com.

darlington interview video shoot
Darlington Designs clients during an interview shoot, enjoying their new back yard.

Simon, his staff, and their clients were thrilled with the videos and enjoyed the videography process. Take a look at the final products below.